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Elsie has everything she could ever want - mated to the Vampire King, working at her dream job, surrounded by family and friends and expecting her first child. Her bliss quickly turns into a nightmare of epic proportions when her newborn daughter becomes the primary target of the nefarious archdemon. Seeking guidance from the Goddess, Elsie and Zander discover the only way to protect their fragile baby is to summon a Guardian Angel.

When the enticing guardian appears, Elsie and Zander face far more challenges than merely keeping their daughter safe. As feelings ignite, jealousy threatens to tear them apart and for the first time, being Fated may not guarantee an eternity together.



 Rhys O'Morda is the Dark Warrior known for joking around, partying and seducing females so when saving the planet from Lucifer's wrath is thrust upon his shoulders, he sobers quickly. Thrown into the Underworld where his inner beast struggles to dominate, he finds a greater challenge in a Fated Mate of the angelic kind.  Can he retrieve the amulet and prove to her his heart is pure, or will he allow his demonic past to resurface, destroying him and everything he loves?




Being a Dark Warrior and protecting others has been the only focus in Gerrick Haele’s life for centuries, until he receives the shock of his life when one of the females he rescues from the archdemon’s clutches ignites an arousal that hints at her being his Fated Mate.  Problem is, Gerrick’s Fated Mate was murdered four hundred years earlier...


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Kyran Tarakesh walks a razor's edge of control and likes it that way until he discovers his Fated Mate after they are thrust into a dragon realm.  He finds himself in an impossible situation, trying to dodge his mate's attempts to murder him, escape from imprisonment and find a way to return home.  Read More

Deviant Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance Book #3 )

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5 stars  

"I love a sexy, emotionally scarred hero that is not a jerk. And a tough, sassy heroine that doesn't feel the need to stupidly affirm her "independence" by ignoring good advice and going strait into danger... That makes a good love story for me."


5 stars  

"Just when you think Trim and Julkas' books can't get any better here comes Deviant Warrior!!"


5 stars 

A series that just keeps getting better. This time Mackendra and Kyran are tossed together then thrown into another realm to face nasty demons and disgusting ogres and dark fae. Their banter and arguments delighted me with the humor and sharp sarcasm. As they search for a working portal and a way home their adventures kept me quickly turning the pages. 




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