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🎉🎉Magic and Alphas Boxset Now Available for $0.99!🎉🎉

In more fantastic news, Captvity, book 1 in our new Hollow Rock Shifters series is out today! It is being released exclusively in the Magic and Alphas anthology with eight new, full-length novels by best-selling authoirs like Scarlett Dawn.

Captivity is an entirely new series with new characters and world building. In Captivity, you meet Lawson, a wolf shifter, that has been held captive in a research lab for years. Lawson has given up hope of ever getting out when the alluring Liv stumbles into his life. Passion ignites in this thrilling new adventure. You don't want to miss this anthology

Magic and Alphas: A Paranormal Romance Collection

Coming November 9, 2017 PREORDER NOW!!


Ice Warrior, Dark Warrior Alliance Book 13


Bhric Tarakesh was drowning at the bottom of a scotch-filled barrel. One bad decision after another has led him to alcoholism, bar fights, alienation of his family, and, the cherry topper of his shit sundae, impregnating a female he abhors. As he spirals out of control, a cataclysmic event thrusts him into a human hospital and into the hands of a sexy doctor that sets his icy soul on fire, guaranteeing his world will never be the same.


Alex Layne, a prominent physician at Harborview Hospital is thrown into a world she thought was myth when a dying man is brought into her ER. While treating him, she panics when she sees his fangs and makes an uncharacteristic decision to sneak him out of the hospital, and harms way. And, that’s only the beginning. As she helps him heal and recover, she discovers a new world of vampires, shifters, and demons, but that doesn’t compare to the lust and passion that leaves her craving the vampire’s bite.


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Dragon shifter, Angus Callanach, is returning to his home realm after one of the Vampire Princes reopens the portal to Khoth. Having spent two hundred years as the majordomo at Zeum, he is ready to once again take up his mantle as the king of the Cuelebre. Life seems sublime when his millennia long search for the love of his life, Keira ends. That is, until he discovers she has no recollection of him or their relationship and she is firmly in the clutches of his archenemy, Cyril, the Unseelie King.


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Poseidon is a God on a warpath when he discovers his trident has been stolen. He refuses to rely on a mere mortal to assist with his quest, but that's exactly what he must do when the trail leads to a boat owned by the alluring Kiiara, a former Marine whose hot-headed temper is rivaled by her smokin' hot body. What begins as a hunt for his most precious possession turns into a journey of lust, fear and forbidden love.



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