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Santiago is on a path of destruction believing his role as Dark Warrior entitles him to be judge, jury and executioner. The aftermath of him killing an Angel’s Kiss dealer has him cast from Zeum. As a lone wolf, he doesn’t think life will get much worse than losing his family, his purpose and his home until the Goddess gives him an assassin for a Fated Mate itching to put a silver bullet between his eyes.



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Elsie has everything she could ever want - mated to the Vampire King, working at her dream job, surrounded by family and friends and expecting her first child. Her bliss quickly turns into a nightmare of epic proportions when her newborn daughter becomes the primary target of the nefarious archdemon. Seeking guidance from the Goddess, Elsie and Zander discover the only way to protect their fragile baby is to summon a Guardian Angel.

When the enticing guardian appears, Elsie and Zander face far more challenges than merely keeping their daughter safe. As feelings ignite, jealousy threatens to tear them apart and for the first time, being Fated may not guarantee an eternity together.


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